Dogs on Super8

I shot some Super8 (Tri-X) and finally got the processed reel back. The above is from a Retro-8 scan and quick edit. It was a bit underexposed so the corrections amplify the grain, but I still like how it looks.

I told myself I was only going to shoot a couple of reels just to say I did, but after watching it a few times I’m starting to think about trying more of it. The look of 8mm film can be faked, but cannot be replicated.

Worlds apart – All this

Dr. Drang

I, of course, am stuck in the past, not willing to give up—or even share—the ownership of my words. Still clinging to a publishing model that may soon be as outdated as print. Erik’s hybrid system is probably the right way to accomodate the new realities while still maintaining control. But I’m not a fan of the new realities. I know the niche I’ve carved out is vanishingly small, but it’s all mine.

I try every new publishing tool and platform that shows up, but I’m very much stuck in the past. I will probably always write on my own blog in my own space. It’s just better this way, even if few people read it.

On boat to Mackinaw Island


One of my favorite photos from my grandfather’s albums. This was labeled “On boat to Mackinaw Island”. In it is my Dad (left, with the awesome hat) his brother Gordon, sister Joyce, and my grandpa. I don’t know the girl on the far right. I love group photos in which everyone has an interesting posture or expression.

I am still in the process of scanning decades of his photos. It’s a tedious process, but fun and rewarding.

Tags and Categories

The posts on this blog can have tags, categories, or both. Sometimes I use tags, sometimes I use categories, sometimes I use both.

Lately, I’ve been using both. The default category is “Journal”. I use tags like “film”, “Nikon”, etc. I noticed that for Categories I use pluralized words and for Tags I use the singular form. Neither are used consistently.

I’ve decided that Categories should be plural and Tags should be singular. This is because I think of Categories as things being within a collection and Tags as this post has a tag. Or perhaps this post is among other posts in this Category and this post is tagged with this topic.

It’s a place to start, anyway.

Book: Apex


The final book of the Nexus trilogy was as good or better than the first two. Smart, fast, exciting, and thought-provoking. Very good, but scary.

Katie is 18 years old

My dog Katie turned 18 this week. Every year we say, “This is probably her last birthday” but here we are again. She’s missing an eye, nearly all her teeth, and her hearing. She has trouble getting around and cannot manage even a single stair.

But, she’s happy and seems to enjoy living so we’re thankful for that. This year, we took her out for some ice cream to celebrate. She loves ice cream.

Jess and Katie. Katie's 18th Birthday. Nikon F3.

Jess and Katie ordering ice cream for Katie’s 18th Birthday. Nikon F3.

Jess and Katie. Katie's 18th Birthday.

Jess and Katie. Nikon F3

Jess and Katie. Katie's 18th Birthday.

Jess and Katie reviewing the selfies. Nikon F3

Jess and Katie. Katie's 18th Birthday.

Katie enjoys her ice cream. Nikon F3

Instagram to third-party developers: drop dead


Flickr, while it yet lives, provides me with far richer layers of experience and capability than even the most tricked-out third-party Instagram app could dream of. I always used Instagram under protest, as a poor cousin. I used it because people were there, not because I liked it. I like Flickr, even though posting my photos there is kind of like leaving flowers at the grave of someone whose name I’ve forgotten.

Dammit, me too. I dislike everything about Instagram, except that Instagram is where the people are these days. I’m with Zeldman here and considering (once again) ending my time with Instagram. Besides, ghost town or no, Flickr still kicks Instagram’s ass.