When site speed metrics make you do something silly

A few weeks ago I moved my blog from a static site at baty.net into WordPress at baty.blog. I don’t know how it’ll all turn out but that’s where we are now.

My page speed scores dropped considerably after moving to WordPress but it’s a sacrifice I’ll make for the convenience and interop of a dynamic site.

I got to wondering how high I could get my speed score on the old static site. I believe that watching any metric too closely is dangerous and can lead to all sorts of poor decisions. “Getting the numbers up” at all costs is an attitude best avoided.

Ignoring my own advice, I made a new, super-minimal Hugo theme just to see what effect it had on the speed tests. The theme is based on http://bettermotherfuckingwebsite.com/ and is the simplest possible thing, within reason. I added minor styles to a couple of things just so it was ever-so-slightly easier to look at and read. Here it is.

It may have been a silly and unnecessary thing to do, but it worked. Here’s the new score…


Hate Mowing Your Lawn? Good! Don’t Do It – The Nib

Ted Steinberg and Shannon Wright:

It’s environmentally destructive and a huge waste of time. Let it go brown.

I would love to either not have a lawn or be able to completely ignore it. The compromise so far has been paying too much money for someone else to deal with it. Our obsession with having a perfect lawn and landscaping is ridiculous.

Having a brown lawn would be totally fine with me. Having the only brown lawn in the neighborhood is something I’m not prepared to tackle yet.

Back to the Apple Watch for a Week – The Brooks Review

Ben Brooks:

Whereas, when I look at one of my traditional watches on my wrist, I get joy from looking at them

I wear my Apple Watch most days, but I do it begrudgingly. I like that it unlocks my computer. I like that it shows me the weather, and I like that sometimes it conveniently notifies me about important things. I don’t mind that it tracks my steps, event though I don’t get any real value from that.

Most of the time it’s nothing more than a tiny annoying iPhone on my wrist.

And I’ll never love it as much as I love my real, automatic watches.